KHMYZ Sconce

MATERIALS: Cellulose, recycled material that was once forest.A high quality, durable
finish. Highly-pigmented formulation.

COLORS: 8 KHMYZ colors

Please kindly note that handcrafted items may slightly differ in shades and textures.

Only for indoor use.

Mostly made to order. Lead time 8-10 weeks

ELECTRIFICATION: Source 220V 2 LED elements. Total power 60W.
Light temperature 3000K

DIMENSIONS: 1400 х 170 х 330 mm


PACKAGE: Cardboard box 1460х 390 х 300 mm, 25 kg

The Khmyz collection sconces are much more than just lighting fixtures. They represent a unique kind of magic that fills the room with warmth and comfort. Each aperture in the “branches” of the lamp recalls the sun’s gentle rays filtering through the branches in a forest. Given that the collection is inspired by driftwood, once living branches, it’s hard not to reflect on the cycle of life these objects embody. Light breaks through the elements of the composition as if bringing life back from something long dead. Such details add a special primal mood, subtly connecting us to light, purity, and beginnings