Origins & Milestones

2015: The Cellulose Chapter

Yulia began her journey by experimenting with cellulose in 2015. It was during these initial explorations that she crafted her first recipes and textures, paving the way for her future designs.

Cellular Practice: The First Milestone

The launch of the “Cellular Practice” project series marks a new chapter in Yulia’s creative journey. Her work starts to take on a voluminous form, where her desire to create large installations, sculptures, and murals first manifests. Within this very project, the inception of the brand’s initial lighting designs occurs.

2017: A Pivotal Year

The year 2017 stands as a milestone with a series of exhibitions for a sculptural project in Odesa and Kyiv. These events transition her from pure art to object design. Yulia decides she wants to focus all her energy and attention on nurturing her own brand. Along with her partner Yevhen, they embarked on this as a family business venture.

The Experimentation Phase

During the first year, the brand tests its products, experiments with palettes, and creates various models. The products, still in the raw stage, are showcased at a non-professional exhibition, Kyiv Flower Market. The response is overwhelming, garnering numerous reviews, contacts, and orders.

YO Gallery in Odesa

Expanding beyond mere object design, Yulia opened the YO Gallery in Odesa, offering a wide-ranging educational program for children and adults, along with exhibitions.

2018: The Paris Experience

In 2018, Yalanzhi Objects made its international debut in Paris, a powerful catalyst for the brand. This accelerates the standardization of the products — series, colors, sizes, shapes, packaging, and even the branding, printing, and website. These steps prove critical in establishing the brand in the Ukrainian market.


Paper Inside, Paris, France

Still in 2018, the brand participated in the Paper Inside event in Paris, an exhibition focusing on paper-based designs.

The Color Chapter

Yulia publicly discussed her passion for color from 2018 onward, even giving lectures on the topic. A notable collaboration with Little Greene takes place.

2019: The Big Move to Kyiv

In 2019, the decision was made to relocate the entire production to Kyiv, a strategic move to scale the business.

The COVID-19 Setback

Shortly after settling in Kyiv, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, causing a significant drop in sales and generating a period of uncertainty.

The brand has not only endured these various phases but has also evolved, taking each event as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

Essence Ethos

Ethical Responsibility

We are open to your experiments with scales and formats, however, we shall not produce any replicas or copies of works available on the market under any circumstances.

Cultural Preservation

Through our designs, we aim to preserve and showcase Ukrainian cultural archetypes and traditions. We see ourselves as some of the contemporary guardians of cultural identity and history.

Timeless Sustain

Our commitment to sustainability is twofold: we aspire for our pieces to be timeless in design and aim for our manufacturing processes to have a low environmental impact. We also emphasize that our creations should have a “temporal extent,” providing value across generations.


We aim to show an unwavering commitment to supporting Ukraine in its time of need. This is both in the form of personal sacrifices and in our mission to uplift and celebrate Ukrainian culture.

Beyond-the-Box Care

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of our brand. The moment you place an order, we initiate personal contact to ensure that the product aligns with your unique needs. We’re open to customization and bespoke solutions, and even invite you into our workshop to witness the craftsmanship that goes into your handcrafted lamp. Our flexible return policy further emphasizes our commitment to your complete satisfaction. At Yalanzhi Objects, we don’t just sell lamps; we build lasting relationships.