In addition to existing collections, we are also open to work based on your sketches and designs. Please keep in mind that the process is time-consuming and should be planned in advance. 

Kindly note that we offer a bit more than working on your sketches: our team will gladly develop new design elements and decor for your project. We understand that lighting can become an interior center, hence we create an accent bringing people together: in a restaurant, coffee shop, or even at home. Anywhere, actually.

We are open to your experiments with scales and formats, however, we shall not produce any replicas or copies of works available on the market under any circumstances.

Sculptural Panel

We consider a sculptural panel of a colossal scale, ordered by Yod Group, to be one of the examples of a custom order. The work decorated the wall at Emily Resort in the village Vynnyky of the Lviv region, and you will really be impressed by the work while seeing it live. One of the references in the creation of the panel was Cellular practice — our decor offer.


We always wanted to create a form different from the classic sphere inherent in YALANZHI OBJECTS. In particular, this is the specific use case we are proud of —  cellulose jugs, which in terms of visual characteristics barely differ from ceramic ones. Although we already had to experiment with tinted cellulose, these jugs became a real creative step forward for us. That is why we are always open to your new errands – they expand the scope of our skills and make us better.

Although made of cellulose, the jugs fully convey the sensation of ceramics, the thick-walled and warm material, however, they are much lighter than the clay version.

We also understand the range of problems designers might encounter while creating unique solutions for HoReCa, while struggling to find the exact implementation of their idea on the market. These jugs represent such solution, and their hand-crafted clay texture creates an impression of true weightlessness.

Nothing stimulates our imagination and desire to create like your interior errands, so feel free to describe your project and we will find a surprising solution.

Urban Music Hall

We would like to share the case of an individual project for Urban Music Hall in Odesa. The interior errand was that it was impossible to hang chandeliers due to the low ceiling in the hall. That is why we had to place the hemispheres in the arches, which helped  to make the lighting as soft and chamber-like as possible.

In addition to solving the main problem, we managed to do something special. Since the acoustics of the room are very sensitive to its interior, it was important to preserve these subtleties of sound distribution and not interfere with the music in any way. 

As a result, we managed to create subtle lighting, which arranged the necessary mood, but also left the sound quality in the hall consistently perfect.