Archetypes are the universally recognizable forms or themes that we weave into our designs to create a deeper emotional resonance and cross-cultural appeal. One of the Ukrainian archetypes are legendary Mavkas, which inspired us to create the whole fixture line.

Artisanal signifies the handmade, skillful creation of our lighting objects in our framework, celebrating the perfect imperfections that make each piece distinct.



Bespoke isn’t just custom-tailored design — it’s a collaborative journey with our clients. It’s the translation of your unique vision into a handcrafted lighting object, made possible through personalized consultations and material selections. It’s our highest form of customer care, allowing for a creation that fits seamlessly into your life and space. Explore our bespoke solutions and share your case. 



Cellulose – in the context of our brand, cellulose refers to the organic, plant-based material used to craft our luminous designs. Beyond its natural appeal, it aligns with our eco-conscious values, offering lightweight durability and an ethereal glow. Most of our objects are made of this material, however, one of the most profound collections is our jugs – despite being made of cellulose, those visually resemble ceramics, and they look fantastic. 

Ceramics is not just a material for us but a canvas for exploration. It’s our solution for spaces that require moisture-resistant, robust, yet timeless pieces, like restrooms. Explore our ceramic collection.

Customer Care is not an afterthought in our brand but a prelude and an epilogue to your experience with our lighting. It’s about personalized outreach, open channels for feedback, and real-time solutions, including bespoke and aftercare services.

Customization is the act of forging a one-on-one connection with our clients. It’s about stretching our design parameters to encapsulate your personal aesthetic and functional needs. 



Handcrafting at Yalanzhi Objects is the art of infusing each lighting piece with a human touch and centuries-old Ukrainian craftsmanship. It’s a standard practice for us, never an exception, guaranteeing that every object has a unique soul.

Heirloom-Quality means your Yalanzhi Objects lighting is more than just decor; it’s a lasting asset imbued with artistry and value meant to be passed down through generations.



Lighting Collections are curated arrays of lighting fixtures that share a thematic or stylistic unity, showcasing our brand’s diverse yet cohesive design language. Check out our Ceramic collection, as an example.

Limited Editions are exclusive runs of artisanal lighting pieces at Yalanzhi Objects, sometimes collaborations, that offer clients a unique piece of functional art. Discover the range of our Limited collections!



Recycled Materials are more than eco-friendly components for us; they’re a narrative of resilience and transformation, as they become part of timeless designs, embodying our value for sustainability.



Social Awareness means our designs aren’t just art; they are also expressions of broader social values — be it sustainability, cultural preservation, or ethical practices.

Sustainability goes beyond buzzwords at Yalanzhi Objects; it’s a long-term commitment to the planet, ethical practices, and future generations. It manifests in the form of materials we use, the longevity of our designs, and the artisanal techniques we employ.



Temporal Extent encapsulates our belief that good design transcends time. It reflects our aim to create lights that are not just trendy but will remain valuable and meaningful through generational shifts.

Texture is the tactile and visual richness added to each piece at Yalanzhi Objects, amplifying its sensory impact and its ability to captivate.



These definitions seek to express how each term specifically correlates with the ethos, practices, and offerings of Yalanzhi Objects.