What do these lamps remind you of? Do you see the irregularities on their surface, like fingerprints on clay? Take a closer look: the clay is not as warm as it looks.

Jugs were for our ancestors the very talismans of resources: water, milk or cereals, they hid the most valuable from temperature, pests or the destructive influence of time. Our jugs protect and give the most valuable resource – light. And with it, a feeling of persistence and connection with the common past.

For a long time, we wanted to create a form different from the classic sphere inherent in YALANZHI OBJECTS. In particular, we want to share a separate subject of our pride — the creation of cellulose jugs, which in terms of external characteristics are almost no different from ceramic ones. Although we already had to experiment with tinted cellulose, these jugs became a real creative step for us.

Although made of cellulose, the jugs fully convey the feeling of ceramics, namely the thick-walled and warm material, however, their weight is much less than the weight of the clay version.

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Pendant lamp Makitra
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