Lamps from Yalanzhi Objects is not just a trend, not a fashion. This is the art of creating an atmosphere and decorating any space. Work office, restaurant, boutique or home interior. They delight with their beauty, originality and create comfort in my house. Every day I feel joy and warmth from their beauty and light.
Olha Demchenko
Owner and Business Advisor
When I first saw the work of Julia at the exhibition, I realized that I fell in love completely and irrevocably. And when Julia began to create lamps, I realized - which one will be with me. They look - amazing, while weighing little, give incredibly warm light. By magic chance, the color-to-wallpaper color is completely. And cause admiration for all guests, without exception. The main thing is that I feel warm and comfortable with them. What was my joy when, desperate to find a sconce that would please me, I saw at Julia incredible ceramic sconces with hand-painted. How much they do not look like hemisphere lamps. The diversity of the master’s work is surprising. There is a feeling that a person puts a piece of magic into his work.
Oksana Masova
Communications Specialist.
Curator. Journalist. Playwright.
There are moments in life when you are looking for a long time that has long been invented in my head. And you leaf through the catalogs, go into the shops and even drive into your house, put a chandelier, a lamp, a sconce on the ceiling and ... no, not that. Tired, you turn on the TV late at night and suddenly from the screen - either molecules, or eggs, but it seems that what you were looking for. And color, color is what you need! And not white, and not gray, but the color of bleached grandmother’s hut, and gray rain sky, and wet earth. It turns out that these are chandeliers, sconces, one at a time, in clusters, in separate compositions. And here she is, the author, sculptor, designer, creator, a beautiful young woman Julia. And lives literally on the next street! It was a very necessary meeting with the continuation ... These works brought to the restaurant design the very necessary detail that they were looking for. Since ancient times, in the Ukrainian hut, the owners did everything themselves, embroidered, weaved, sculpted dishes. And Yulina chandeliers, as a continuation of folk traditions, are carefully molded by hands. Natural colors, fragile, of various shapes, they filled the space with warmth and light. Combined Ukrainian flavor and modern technology.
Elena Monakhova
I want to express my gratitude for the miracle of the lamps that now live in my bedroom. This is an incredible combination of lightness, elegance, true beauty and taste. What you do is not just an invention, it is a real art that has no analogues! Thank you for your creative vision and individual approach. Good luck in your future endeavors and many, many fantasies for development.
Julia Andrienko
Master of Psychology,
The first time I saw the work of Julia Yalanzhi at the exhibition. The exhibition was called "cell practice." And there, at the exhibition, in the lounge area hung lamps. By that time, I had been looking for light in the bedroom for several years. I immediately understood, “it”) As a result, I bought a peony in the bedroom and a bunch in the living room. They look very cool, stylish and harmonious. Moreover, depending on the choice of color, you can use it in almost any interior. They are self-sufficient, while not suppressing space.
Elena Shesterikova
Julia is a wonderful artist, creator and magnificent person. As a child, I am happy with her every new job!
Boris Khodorkovsky
Communications expert.
Executive coach. Netocrat
Communications founder.


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