KHMYZ Floor Lamp

MATERIALS: Cellulose, recycled material that was once forest.A high quality, durable
finish. Highly-pigmented formulation.
COLORS: 8 KHMYZ colors
Please kindly note that handcrafted items may slightly differ in shades and textures.
Only for indoor use.
Mostly made to order. Lead time 8-10 weeks
Electrification: Source 220V 1 LED elements. Total power 40W. Light temperature 3000K.
CABLE LENGTH: 2,5 m, transparent color on/off cord foot switch, EU Standard Plug
On request – US, UK
DIMENSIONS: 250 х 500 х 1670 mm
PACKAGE: Cardboard box 310х 1730 х 560mm, 31 kg

The Khmyz floor lamp, which harmoniously combines the essence of art and functionality, invites us into the tranquility of the forest. Echoing the way the Khmyz collection was inspired by the dry branches of forest driftwood, the idea of this lamp also takes us back to the spirit of nature. Like intertwined vines in the shadow of trees, its elements converge and diverge, smoothly wrapping around each other’s forms. Each element, akin to a sprout, reaches towards the sun, perfectly mimicking the natural movement of plants. This lamp emerges as gracefully curated motifs of branches, vines, and roots, transporting the observer to the heart of an ancient forest.