KHMYZ Pendant Lamp L

MATERIALS: Cellulose, recycled material that was once forest.A high
quality, durable finish. Highly-pigmented formulation.

COLORS: 8 KHMYZ colors

Please kindly note that handcrafted items may slightly differ in
shades and textures.

Only for indoor use.

Mostly made to order. Lead time 8-10 weeks

ELECTRIFICATION: Source 220V 8 LED elements. Total power 100W.
Light temperature 3000K. Cable length 2m, cable type 2×0.5, steel
wire rope with a clamp x 4, ceiling fixture x 1

DIMENSIONS: 2300 х 400 х 700 mm


PACKAGE: Cardboard box 2360 х 460 х 760 mm, 52 kg

It seems that if balance could be expressed through the sensation of observation, this lamp would indeed become its symbol. Smoothly elongated, it captivates with its integrity. What force keeps all these elements together? The object itself exudes such a magnetic mood as if this force could captivate even our gazes.

Why do we even speak of driftwood if it is dry, devoid of life, and in the general natural landscape appears almost as a grotesque relic of the past, a nostalgic memory of spring, an ambiance of aging? Is it worth observing? The experience of perceiving the KHMYZ lamp, inspired by this natural object, proves to us that there is nothing unattractive in nature. Everything is part of a single harmonious cycle, and even driftwood – exactly in such form, bundled together by human hands, completes its life cycle by warming homes, becoming ashes from which new trees will grow.

The fixture does not simply mimic the natural form of driftwood but is an elegant embodiment of its very idea and essence. Such driftwood – already collected and bound – crosses the natural and anthropogenic boundary, between the forest and the home, from the temporal to the eternal. In this form, driftwood becomes a synergistically greater entity than each of its separate elements: you can easily break a single dry twig, but not so with an entire bundle of driftwood. Therefore, the force that holds all elements of this lamp together is not added but multiplied by the strength of each.

The KHMYZ lamp is one of the most recognizable throughout the creative history of the brand. This idea – the search for the aesthetic that lies beyond the opposition of “beautiful – unattractive,” and elevating it to an artistic level, makes this object so close to us and comprehensible. KHMYZ is extremely representative of what we might call the “handwriting” of Yulia Melnychenko – the dominance of plastic lines, soft and rounded forms, which are inherent in all her collections.