KHMYZ panel L

MATERIALS: Cellulose, recycled material that was once forest. A high quality, durable finish. Highly-pigmented

COLORS: 8 KHMYZ colors

Please kindly note that handcrafted items may slightly differ in shades and textures.

Only for indoor use.

Mostly made to order. Lead time 8-10 weeks

DIMENSIONS: 1850 х 165 х 950 mm


PACKAGE: Cardboard box 1910 х 1010 х 225mm, 40 kg

Each branch intertwined with the next creates graceful patterns of lines that are in a constant state of transformation, just as natural processes change over time. This image evokes natural aesthetics and evolution, with each branch and stem fulfilling its unique role in creating a picturesque picture of the natural environment.
The embodiment of these natural elements in artistic reflection offers the viewer the opportunity to reflect on the overall rhythm and harmony of nature, as well as its endless possibilities and transformations over time.