Here you will find what you have been looking for – your interior’s last but key touch. If lighting seems rather mechanical, you should know we exist to convince people otherwise. The texture of our lamps preserves the touch of our hands, and their composition extends the life cycle of natural materials.

Lighting for brave interiors

This lamp has a lively, unique shape that you want to look at, well, just non-stop. With its complex bio form, Marevo creates a lively dynamic accent in the interior, but never burdens the space, but on the contrary – fills it with air. The curves and smooth shapes of the lamp will soften the excessive number of right angles in the interior, bringing balance and smoothness to its silhouettes. Marevo, without a doubt, reaches beyond the boundaries of object design and will appeal to all connoisseurs of art objects.

Your favorite lightings

Lamp Bavovna L

Pendant lamp Peony 

Lamp Lilea M

Pendant lamp Techiya


Cellulose collection – a collection of lamps and sculptural panels. Made of recycled paper used papier mache technique. Due to the properties of the material, all products are very durable and elastic, but they are very lightweight, allowing them to be placed on any wall surface and ceiling.


We have created lamps that you want to touch. In the collection we use 4 types of clay: gray, red,  white-blue and dark brown. Generalized forms in wich you can see: flowers, jellyfish or octopus – give us opportunite to admire for a long time and consider all the new and details  and images as in beautiful painting.

Yalanzhi Objects is a Ukrainian brand that combines the design and production of lamps and interior decoration


Yalanzhi Objects sculptural panels are decorative relief elements that, due to their variety of shapes and colors, can be a harmonious addition to any interior. The sturdy and lightweight construction simply hangs on the wall like a painting. Mounting on the ceiling is possible.



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We highly encourage you to explore our color philosophy. It might be helpful to become more aware of the color complexity and the combination specifics.