September 14, 2022

The Ukrainian object design brand YALANZHI OBJECTS presented a new collection of minimalist pendant lamps Mavka at the prestigious Maison&Objet exhibition. It took place from September 8 to 12 in Paris.

According to beliefs, nymphs are magical forest creatures. They are beautiful girls with long green hair who look like mermaids. They are souls who wandered the mountains, planted flowers, and danced under the moonlight.

“Inspired by folk myths, we took this image as a basis, focusing on two of its features. Our nymphs, like their ancient ancestors, are inextricably linked to the forest and gain magical powers at sunset, creating cozy lighting at night. Their texture is similar to the bark of a tree, which gives a pleasant tactile sensation,” says the founder of the brand, artist and designer Yulia Yalanzhy.

All items in the collection are handmade from recycled paper, a natural raw material. 

The Mavka collection was presented at the stand J24-K23, Hall 5A, Craft sector. It continued the vision of the YALANZHI OBJECTS brand – eco-friendly design and the revival of authentic Ukrainian craftsmanship. 

The company was founded in 2017 by Yulia Yalanzhi and her husband Yevhen Melnychenko. YALANZHI OBJECTS are objects on the verge of art and design, whose utilitarianism is due to the strength, lightness of the products and the possibility of transforming compositions due to their modular designs. 

We are thankful to the PRAGMATIKA for the article and the visual materials.


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