Designer Yulya Yalanzhi, the founder of Yalanzhi Objects, came to the design from art, and in many art projects, the author never neglected the interior decoration and utility. «My activity is always at the crossroads of design and art, so the art projects were logically transformed into design», says Yulya Yalanzhi. The collection history began in 2017 in Odessa, when Yulya’s spectacular art project, «Cell Practice», based on the papier-mâché technique, was presented. The main protagonist of the installation is a «cell mass», formed from the segments similar to the honeycomb cells or living matter, growing and moving from one space to another. The project sculptural forms inspired the artist to use their physical properties (lightness, enviroment friendly material) and create the lighting units. The light fixture collection (pendant lights), presented at Maison&Objet, is made by combination of materials such as paper (papier-mâché technique) and metal. Therefore, each object embodies all the qualities of an elegant décor item and a lighting fixture, i.e. practicality, functionality, strength, versatility, and unique «piece» work of art. Each lamp is handmade and can be ordered individually.