September 17, 2021

Nature is the most subtle and talented artist. Walking through the woods or along the sea, we can’t help but gaze at the beauty that has emerged naturally, out of nowhere. These colors, textures and shapes seem perfect to us. We involuntarily want to take them with us and fill our homes with living objects and materials. Such things attract the eye, exude energy, and encourage us to study and unravel them. In communication with them, a person feels happy, just as he or she feels happy when doing a craft or coming into contact with art.

The new Khmyz collection by Ukrainian brand Yalanzhi Objects is inspired by the soul of the forest, as all the objects are made of cellulose, a natural recycled material. The designers were inspired by the plasticity of living plants to create the Khmyz lamp. Branches, vines, and tree roots are intertwined, hanging in the air and becoming a source of warm light.

We are thankful to PRAGMATIKA for providing us the article.