Sculpture KHMYZ

MATERIALS: Cellulose, recycled material that was once forest.A high
quality, durable finish. Highly-pigmented formulation.

COLORS: 8 KHMYZ colors

Please kindly note that handcrafted items may slightly differ in
shades and textures.

Only for indoor use.

Mostly made to order. Lead time 8-10 weeks

DIMENSIONS: 700 х 400 х 1200 mm


PACKAGE: Cardboard box 760 х 460 х 1260 mm, 32 kg

This sculpture’s delicate and light composition evokes fragile sprouts of life reaching for the light. Like the elements of the sculpture, these sprouts tell their unique stories and memories of spring, when each burst of greenery breaks through the soil to meet the sunlight.

In every silhouette, one can feel the rhythm of nature, its endless cycle of birth and Renaissance. The sculpture breathes along with us, reminding us of the continuous connection of all living things with the universe, about our collective human aspiration towards something better, higher, celestial.