Peony 55


Diameter: 55сm

Weight: 5kg

Additional size: 35сm

Surface color: umber (color from the old palette)

Inside color: rolling fog

Light sources: 1

Cord length: 150сm

Cord color: gray

Bulb base: E27 (LED only)

*upon your request, the lamp can be painted in any color from our palette



These stunning flowers are available in diameters of 35 cm and 55 cm, but they truly make a grand statement in larger sizes. We highly recommend exploring different colors as well. Whether you prefer understated tones for your minimalist interiors or vibrant golden peonies, we are prepared to create the perfect lamps to suit your style.

Peonies are enigmatic — they resemble the shape of a semi-spherical lampshade, barely exposing the inner layers of the light fixture, thereby enticing one to peer inside in search of its very core. Beyond the floral motifs, it is difficult to resist the comparison of these petals to a cracked eggshell: as if the lampshade grants a new life to light, and this is, at the very least, enchanting.

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