PLATTYA Barvyste


Dimensions (cm): H30хW35хD35

Weight: 1,5 kg

Material: cellulose

Inside color:  37 Stock

Light sources: 1

Cord color: gray

Bulb base: 1*E27 (only LED)
The bulb is not included

*upon your request, the lamp can be painted in any color from our palette

The pendant lamp can be made in diameter from 20 to 100 cm


3d model


BARVYSTE  is the first lamp in our festive collection.


However, this dress is not just formal, it is extremely elegant. It seems that this lamp is an emotion, perhaps even a reaction to something fantastic.

 For us, BARVISTE has become the embodiment of that state from childhood to which we unconsciously strive throughout our lives. States of sincerity and spontaneity, carelessness and a feeling of complete acceptance of you by the world. Maybe your parents also told you that holidays don’t happen every day? If you spent even a day in the light of BARVYSTE, you would understand that the holiday can come from within. Yes, at least every day.


Borrowing the shape of a dress for a new lamp is a completely natural phenomenon. When creating the Plattya collection, the main idea was to give the object the forms, character, plasticity, and grace inherent only to a woman. But not only in form but also in quality, because a woman has a completely different energy, a different attitude to life, and different values. Therefore, the image of the dress has absorbed those properties that collect and transform energy with its hems.

Most often, the chandelier in the house occupies a central place, like an axis in the space, and may even play an important role – a saving one, which is as important as providing light.