Grona 11

1 000.00

Weight: 5kg

Height (сm):  flexible 100-120

Diameter (сm): flexible 60-80

Surface color: 72

Inside color: white loft 222

Light sources: 11

Cord length: 150сm (can be shortened)

Cord color: gray

Shade color: gray

Bulb base: 11*E27 (LED only)
The bulb is not included

*upon your request, the lamp can be painted in any color from our palette

The Grono is even more akin to round sculptures than mere luminaries: from each perspective, the composition unfolds its character somewhat differently, bestowing a subtly distinctive mood, thereby intriguing and prompting one to observe and investigate it even more meticulously. 

Omnidirectional light emission enhances the functional value of these lamps to the level of their aesthetic perfection. Grono is a brave decision, but does’t the future belong to the brave?

Yulia Yalanzhi

Alexandrine Lukach & Andy Liffner

Yulia Yalanzhi