Lamp Black – No 228. LRV (Light Reflectance Value) – 7. A softer, off black colour than the truer ‘Jack Black™’ (119), this version is more versatile and is a little easier on the eye in a tonal colour scheme.

An ideal backdrop that favorably sets off both furniture and decorative elements in the interior. In addition, it is perfectly combined with a large number of natural textures that create comfort in the room.

by Little Greene

Like a sheen of black feathers, like coal absorbing light, like grayish-dull sunflower seeds

On this gif, you can see how different this color can be in the photo. It depends on the surrounding colors, lighting, your perception and your screen settings.

Like coal absorbing light

This is our favorite black, although, of course, it can’t truly be called black. With an almost silky texture, this color gives off a lovely subdued sheen and tonally looks perfect. It carries a pleasant warmth and harmoniously pairs with every shade in the interior.