Khmyz is as if created by nature itself, born by the forest. Its plasticity, forms, and motifs of branches, vines, and roots immerse you in the atmosphere of pristine wilderness. The choice of raw material for the creation of this series is self-explanatory, cellulose is a recycled material that was once the forest itself.

Earth is our home. Therefore, everything natural that surrounds us seems beautiful and unsurpassed. Being in a natural environment, for example in a forest, we can endlessly gaze at the beauty and perfection of forms and textures. That is why a person seeks to decorate his home with objects and materials that carry a reinterpretation of natural objects, creating an atmosphere close to nature. Such objects hold our gaze, force us to study and unravel them, and enjoy the combination of forms and textures.

We are glad to introduce you to our new Khmyz interior collection. Khmyz is unique but highly adaptable: we decompose this lamp to the specifics of premises.


Pendant lamp Khmyz
Sculpture panel Khmyz
Sculpture Khmyz