Mavka S


Surface color: Lamp Black 228

Light sources: 1

Cord color: black

Weight: 1.2kg

Dimensions (cm): H25хW10хD10

Material: Cellulose and metal


EU version: 1 × LED 5W | GU 10 | 220V |

Retail price excluding VAT
The bulb is not included



Since our priority is to support the ecological design and the revival of authentic Ukrainian crafts, we tell stories born of paper and light. This story is called Mavka

According to ancient beliefs, Mavkas are magical creatures from the forest. They were always depicted as beautiful girls with long green hair. These souls wandered the mountains, planted flowers, and danced on the meadows in the dark under the moonlight. Inspired by folk myths, we took this image as the basis of our new project, focusing on two of its features. Our “Mavkas,” like their ancestors, have a connection with the forest and gain strength with the sunset: they are traditionally made of recycled paper and create cozy lighting at night. 

Mavka is a collection of minimalist directional pendant lights. The sophisticated plasticity of the objects makes them absolutely alive. The texture of the surface, close to the bark of a tree, gives a pleasant tactile sensation to the touch. The colors of the forest transform the space into a natural environment. “Mavka” will decorate every home and fill it with its kind legends.